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Off-Topic / Internal cleansing with panchakarma
« Last post by hozinn on Today at 02:33:09 AM »
 Ayurveda is not just a healing system; it is much ahead of most medical fields. The mode of therapy for most diseases affecting man, discovered in the recent years, has been recorded thousands of years back by the forefathers of Ayurveda. Best panchakarma techniques are followed in most of the Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and this is a prelude to other stages in therapy when curing diseases. The science of Ayurveda believes in prevention rather than cure and the original literature on Ayurveda serves as a guide to achieve holistic approach to life and maintenance of health. The teachings believe that living a systematic life and eating the right foods is the right way to live and helps build an inner force field preventing diseases. Before beginning any treatment process this therapy is done to clear away all impurities that have accumulated in the system. This is done so that the body is ready to absorb the curative effects of the medicines which are prepared with accuracy and careful formulation.  The process of panchakarma treatment involves a set of five cleansing programmes and is a step by step process. This involves induced purgation with medicated enemas and herbal preparations, medicated oil massages, nasal administration of oils to clear the air passages and various other processes which can be called as a complete body internal cleansing process. The human body living in today’s modern living condition is subjected to various forms of body torture which is self-induced in the form of foods consumed, stress and lack of physical activity.
Latin America & Caribbean / Re: Aruba accommodations prices
« Last post by CuracaoRentalHomes on Yesterday at 06:22:16 AM »
Prices in Aruba are high. I would recommend going to Curacao. Is right next to Aruba and you can have a great vacation without spending too much money

Majestic Hindukuush Mountains This is Noshaq in Trichmir Mountain Range Pakistan
East & SouthEast Asia / HaLong Bay Tours
« Last post by summer123 on July 23, 2014, 01:04:32 AM »

Halong bay tours are always interested people, especially tourists in countries around the world and you should be proud of that.

Arrival Halong bay cruise you can go sightseeing, sea here in crystal blue reflection of the islands in the distance ...
And you'll come across the floating house of local residents, boats bustling back and forth across the bay. All these things will certainly make visitors enjoy.

Along the shores of the bay is the resort is usually called Bai Chay. This year-round resort windswept sea, the annual average temperature of about 20 ° C, which ranges of low hills sloping toward the sea run lasting more than 2 km embrace ancient pines are interspersed with tall hotel floor, the small villa architecture separately. Through unpaved roads, police Gulf Coast is white sand and green rows of casuarina. These cute little shops hidden under casuarina groves.

Finished swimming ashore visitors can sit to enjoy a cool glass of water to catch the sea breeze.

Besides tourists can not visit Tuan Chau Island, a popular tourist area in northern most island and is the most beautiful island of 1,969 in Halong Bay. This is also the only island inhabited. Tuan Chau is famous for the largest artificial coast of Vietnam. Guests can enjoy entertainment on the sloping shoreline with white sand Tra famous 4km. The beach games and water such as beach volleyball, soccer, surfing, canoes pulled though, high speed waterslide motorcycle will give you a healthier holiday, interesting and impressive. Special visitors can admire and enjoy the culinary dishes in Vietnam Garden.

It 's just a place to go for your reference when offline Halong tour, and there are a lot of things are waiting for you to explore be the main place for the beauty here.
East & SouthEast Asia / Trinh Nu Cave - The Virgin Grotto
« Last post by summer123 on July 23, 2014, 01:03:02 AM »

Participate in the HaLong cruise, you will discover many interesting things of nature in this beautiful bay island.

Trinh Nữ Cave is situated in the island range of Bo Hon, in the system comprised of the Surprise Grotto, Dong Tien Lake, and Luon Grotto. The grotto is 15 km south of Bai Chay Beach. For some fishermen, the Virgin Grotto is home, while for young lovers it is a popular romantic rendezvous site.

According to legend, there once was a beautiful fisherman's daughter, whose family was so poor that they were in service of the rich administrator of the fishing zone, who forced the family to give him their daughter as a concubine. However, the fisherman’s daughter already had a lover and refused to marry the administrator. The administrator got angry and exiled her to a wild island where she suffered from hunger and exhaustion. One frightful night she turned to stone. On this same night, her lover, knowing of her danger, rowed his boat in search of her. However, a tempest destroyed his boat, and he floated to a nearby island. In a flash of lightening, he saw his lover in the distance, but his calls were driven away by the wind. In his final exhaustion, he also turned to stone (today’s Male Grotto).

When visiting the Virgin Grotto, you can still see the petrified girl with her long hair hanging down and eyes looking towards the mainland. Opposite the Virgin Grotto, the Male Grotto is still home to the lover whose his face is turned towards his mate. At times, his passionate calls and blows against the walls of the grotto can still be heard.
East & SouthEast Asia / Trong Mai Islet Fighting Cock Rocks
« Last post by summer123 on July 23, 2014, 01:01:21 AM »

Trong Mai Islet is a famous islet on Halong Bay. Trong Mai Islet has become a symbol of Halong Bay and also Vietnam's tourism. It can also be found with the name 'Ga Choi Islet' (rock of 'the fighting cocks').

Trong Mai is situated on the south-west side of Ha Long Bay, 5 km from the tourist wharf near to Dinh Huong Islet.Their tiny legs support heavy bodies, and it appears that one strong wave could throw the two stone blocks into the sea. However, hundreds of millions of years have passed, and the Trống Mái is still there. It has the shape of a cock couple rising from the blue sea. These two huge cocks have stood by the other for thousands of years. As the story told by the locals, Trong Mai Islet represents for faithfulness of love.

The islet is most beautiful at dawn, when the sun sheds the first shine of a day and light up the cock couple.

In a somewhat large expanse of open sea, Trong Mai Islet seems to grow up from the bottom of the deep emerald waters. At sunset, Trong Mai Islet is bright red and in a somewhat tottery position.
East & SouthEast Asia / Dau Nguoi Islet Halong
« Last post by summer123 on July 23, 2014, 12:58:02 AM »

Dau Nguoi Islet (Human head shaped Islet) is situated in the south of the island range of Bo Hon, Halong Bay, about 13 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It lies near Luon Grotto, Sung Sot Island and Ti Top Island.

Dau Nguoi Islet is about 25 meters high. The islet is famous for its special shape of a man’s head. From a far position, it looks like the head of a Greek with a big hawkish nose and pointed chin above the water surface. Some thought that it’s like a statue of the Egyptian Sphinx.

The most ideal time for halong bay travel to gaze the islet is at the sunset. By kayaking or from the cruise, tourists will see fantastic scenery of Dau Nguoi Islet in red sunshine of late afternoon.

When night falls, the Ha Long Bay gently back peaceful. Standing looking down from high above the city at night Ha Long is vivid colors and sparkling.

In 2011, Ha Long Bay is located in one of the final list of 7 natural wonders of the new world by the organization New 7 Wonders voting.

At night beach fires bridge also becomes more sparkling, visitors travel from far away in Halong at Bai Chay bridge with shrouds spectacular twinkling lights along the bridge, the lights of both sides contribute to the subtle beauty of Ha Long.

Visitors travel Halong also enjoy providing opportunities arc sparkling impression. That's the way the Bai Chay bridge is often likened to offer people of Ha Long Forum. For those who halong bay tours also has the opportunity to experience the feeling of adventure on the road on the way up the toxic crabs.

Standing on the bridge from Bai Chay Tourist Halong see the twinkling lights, the boats bobbing in the bay. Visitors admire the beauty of the mountain at night Poem, Cai Lan port. If you have to Quang Ninh, outside on the boat cruise to explore Halong Bay Tails period, strolling along the beach in the sunshine yellow or stroll around the market area ... seafood, try a time wandering the city at night falls.
East & SouthEast Asia / Safety for cruise overnight tours in Halong bay
« Last post by summer123 on July 18, 2014, 07:39:19 PM »

With a beautiful destinations such as HaLong Bay, when participating in an overnight Halong Bay tour then surely you would not want to have any  unfortunate accident occurred. Please to follow cruise ship safety instructions.

After boarding, the very first and basic thing that any reliable and responsive crew member would do is giving passengers a tour around the ship help you become familiar with escape routes and emergency exits. Crew member should also show you where to get life jackets and how to secure them properly. Please pay your fullest attention to this valuable instruction in case of emergency. In emergency situations, you will easily recognize by the evacuation signal (the most international standardized is seven short horn blasts followed with one long horn blast).

Even when your boat has signs of sinking, please remain calm and follow instructions of the crew members to take lifebuoy or life jacket and head to rescue boat to escape safely from the cruise. Jumping into the sea is only suggested when there are no crew members around.

If an emergency arises, please keep calm and listen to important announcements such as instructions guiding you to the exits and evacuation lifeboats.

Leave your valuable items like necklaces, rings, accessories home or in a safe for security reason.

Watch out for strong wind while walking on decks, wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction, and never stay on the decks during a heavy rain or stormy weather.

Drink an acceptable amount. Although some luxury cruise ships offer high quality wines, drinking excessively can impair your judgment and lead you to unexpected incidents.

You can avoid catching illnesses and viruses by washing your hands frequently. It is also advisable to carry extra hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for better protection.

Although it is an interesting experience to cruise alone, try to form a group of 3 to 5 friends and families members so that you can take good care of each other.
East & SouthEast Asia / Overnight Cruise HaLong Bay For Honeymoon
« Last post by summer123 on July 18, 2014, 07:29:29 PM »

Halong Bay - a Natural Wonders of the World is choice no 1 for international tourists coming to Vietnam and also attractive option for the honeymoon. Sitting on a cruises on HaLong bay views over gentle, dreamy green with water in the morning and whispering mysterious scenery, calm night, is wonderful. Honeymoon on Starlight cruise of  2day or 3 day is the best way to celebrate your love in style.

Other forms overnight at the hotel, spend the night on the bay will give you a new feeling, by the open space, you feel like you are immersed in the vast nature, a sense of complete relax in your own room is spacious and designed fully equipped air-conditioning, private bathroom with jacuzzi .... When you open the window inhaling the cool breeze from the sea you will see the majestic mountain ranges, or the fish is swimming under water and more as the night visitors can enjoy stars at night.

In overnight tour on Halong Bay you can enjoy lots of activities to visit, explore Halong very interesting as kayaking, swimming, visiting the famous caves, visiting fishing villages, squid fishing....
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