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Tour Packages / What is the Link Exchange technique.?
« Last post by brightsuntravel on Yesterday at 10:35:26 PM »
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East & SouthEast Asia / Hello New Day with Taichi in Starlight Cruise!
« Last post by halong cruise on July 31, 2014, 10:46:59 PM »

Have you ever tried this healthy exercise before? This is the way guests on Starlight Cruise “say good morning” to the new day!

Taichi is the “magical” Oriental Exercise to help rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind. Getting up early, joining a relaxing Taichi class with Starlight Cruise, and enjoying spectacular sunrise on Halong Bay is likely to be your memorial moment in Vietnam.
East & SouthEast Asia / Soi Sim Island-HaLong Bay
« Last post by summer123 on July 31, 2014, 08:57:03 PM »

Soi Sim Island is located west of Halong Bay, which is a small island, about 700m from Ti top island and 7-8 km from the Bai Chay Wharf. Soi Sim Island is a land with two peak about 100m, a dimple in the middle and slopes southwest slope.

Locals said previously grown on the island are many new myrtle should be called Soi Sim. Soi Sim Island has an area of about 8.7 ha, Soi Sim has special geological structure with 2/3 of the land area covered by Feralit and soils. On the mountain is a primeval forest with a rich variety of plants, including many endemic species, valuable ecosystems characteristic of Halong Bay. According to the researchers, the reason Soi Sim has many endemic species because the island had hundreds of millions of years ago, then it surrounded by the sea.

Soi Sim is one of the major tourist relatively new compared to the other islands in Halong Bay, because the island was put into develope  travel less than 10 years. It is most attractive to visitors to Soi Sim Island when it is green plants growing on the island, in addition to pristine scenic, quiet space, bathing in the blue water here, very clean, can be related observed flocks of small fish swimming around more. Perhaps because of this, visitors to Soi Sim beach are enjoyed.

In addition, the high point of Soi Sim also convenient for sightseeing. From there, visitors panoramic embracing the south-east and north-west heritage sites, natural wonders of Halong Bay world. To meet the needs of tourists visiting, now Ha Long Bay Management Department has developed quite a system service facilities on the island to serve visitors to tourist attractions.

Soi Sim with unspoiled scenic beauty, rich ecosystem and is located in the heart of heritage sites, world natural wonders of Halong Bay, Soi Sim is an attractive destination, attracting visitors win landscape, beach, HaLong eco-tourism, especially on those days this summer.
East & SouthEast Asia / Halong Bay - The most beautiful coast
« Last post by summer123 on July 31, 2014, 08:55:54 PM »

Journal of leading tourism had an introduction to the Halong Bay - The most beautiful coast

In ancient times, the legend that a friendly dragon lives in the  skies of Halong Bay. To cope with the invaders from the sea threatened to Vietnam, gods asking the dragon can create a natural barrier to protect the people. The dragon eagerly accepted and implemented its obligations, it flew down and landed along the coast - beating the tail to create large rocks and spray pearls before resting resting until now. This desolation scene  is now known as Ha Long Bay - Ha Long means " where the dragon landed in the sea ".

The landscape here is eroded by wind and waves. Emerged from the shallow waters of the Gulf of Tonkin thousands of limestone islands, the monolith towering lined up like dominoes, some precarious island seemed just a gust of wind blew through and it collapse. Here, name of island and the cave is unique. It is named based on the shape of the island, showing the rich imagination of sailors as: dog island ,islands fingers ,virgin cave( Trinh Nu Cave), Dau Nguoi Islet,.... Absence of human habitation, the island became inhabited by creatures such as eagles hunting fish.
East & SouthEast Asia / Thien Cung Cave
« Last post by summer123 on July 31, 2014, 08:54:44 PM »

It is situated on the south-west side the bay, 4 km from the wharf outside of Halong City. The way to Thien Cung is a perilous one, covered on both sides by thick forest. After entering a narrow gate, the grotto’s 130-meter-long girth opens up. Getting in we are astonished by the very animated and splendid beauty which is made from stalactite. On the east wall of the grotto, there is a grandiose and imposing picture with characters of heroic tales.

Going out of the Thien Cung Grotto, we have a sensation of just having seen a unique, meticulous, interesting fine-art museum which is made by nature, but the pictures are made out of the imagination, ability and intellect of man. This grotto is recently discovered, one of the most beautiful grottoes in Halong Bay. Legend has it that a beautiful young lady named May (cloud), caught the eye of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with her. They were betrothed, and their wedding lasted seven days and seven nights in the very centre of the grotto. In honour of the wedding, small dragons flew about through the stalactites and stalagmites, elephants danced together happily, snakes twined themselves around trees and two stone lions danced with their manes flowing in the wind. A large elephant, smartly dressed, waited for the bride and the groom. The genies of the south and north stars also came to attend the banquet, and the atmosphere was definitely animated and lively. All these scenes have been seemingly fossilized in the grotto.   In the centre are four large pillars supporting the “roof of heaven.” From the base to the top, many strange images seem to live in the stone: birds, fish, flowers and even scenes of human life. On the north wall of the grotto a group of fairies seem to dance and sing in honour of the wedding. Under the immeasurably high roof, stalactites make a natural stone curtain. Somewhere there is the sound of a drum beating, but it is actually just the noise made by the wind blowing through stone.   Arriving at the last partition of the grotto, a natural gushing stream of water babbles throughout the year. Here are three small ponds of clear water. Legend has it, that this was where May bathed her 100 children, bringing them up wisely and happily into adolescence.

One path meanders out of the grotto; it was the way May, together with 50 of her children, took to harvest new lands. The 50 remaining children, together with their father, were left to build the native land. Left behind by the mother was the natural stream described above.
East & SouthEast Asia / Dau Go Cave Halong
« Last post by summer123 on July 29, 2014, 08:31:52 PM »

Approximately 5000m2, Dau Go cave located on 27m elevation compared to sea level forming the same age Thien Cung - the way Pleixtocen later today about 2 million years. Dau Go cave as a concentrated stock architectural xua. An ancient beauty, unspoiled and quiet with lots of stone columns, stone pillars, stalagmites, petite, tall blue sky as if to reach ... cave fauna diversity. Due to the cave should be expanded in the grotto high humidity, combined with the effects of sunlight should be able to see immediately the development of diverse vegetation, especially mosses, ferns and trees. Trong trees cave is divided into 3 compartment.

Compartment 1st - stalactites system has many familiar images to life: lions, pythons, turtles, and even sometimes gamefowl pictures...

Compartment 2nd - beginning with a monumental paintings - images of the rocky island heaving waves on water clarity are also portrayed in this painting.

Compartment 3rd - the image of the giant stone columns, not just rough, rigid, just beautiful, soft.
East & SouthEast Asia / Ba Trai Dao Islet
« Last post by summer123 on July 29, 2014, 08:30:29 PM »

Ba Trai Dao Islet - As one of the beautiful beaches on the famous Halong Bay. Three peaches located at Bai Chay Port cruise ship about 22km to the southeast, near the island of Cat Ba. This is a beautiful beach, unspoiled natural scenery, charming. The reason why the beach is called Three Peach because there are three sandy beaches of fine white bow, embraces it the peach -shaped mountain ...

This island consists of three small mountains with the height of 23 m, seen from afar, resemble three peaches (Ba Trái Ðào). The island connects to a legend of about the romantic love between a youngest fairy who was very pretty with a young and poor fisherman. Because of feeling in love with him, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him, that if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever. The King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.

Peaches beach Three stunning , fine white sand , blue sea , sunny days, visitors can see the bottom of the water. Compared to other beaches on Ha Long Bay beach Three Peaches shallower water, a place to just wade knee. As the ice around the island, sheltered beaches quite safe. The cliff above the beach creating strange shapes made ​​to make guests extremely excited to come here to be taken once the photos associated with this impressive scenic ...

In addition, the limestone is abundant vegetation, including wild flowers with vibrant colors, creating a natural landscape painting alive. But not always here, visitors can also admire and be immersed in this beautiful beach. Because of the high tide would inundate the entire sand area, usually an average day bathing beach is only about 2-3 hours. Therefore, want to swim, before coming to this area, visitors learn memory techniques tide calendar ...

Currently, three Peach is one of the tourist destination Ha Long ideals that so many here do choose yacht berths stop for tourists who want to explore and discover ...
East & SouthEast Asia / Tuan Chau Island
« Last post by summer123 on July 29, 2014, 08:28:05 PM »

[size=78%]Ha Long, one of the World Heritages, comprises thousands of big and small islands. Each one has its own characteristic with various caves: Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Nu Cave. Tuan Chau Island is the only soil island of all. It is not only a place having beautiful natural surroundings: pine trees, lakes, beautiful beach…but also where President Ho Chi Minh chose to be the relax place of other State officials' and his when they came here in 1959.[/size]

On the total area of 400 ha, Tuan Chau has the population of 1500. As planned, the total area of Tuan Chau will be widen to 675 ha. It enjoys the advantage of having both road and river transportations. It is about 18 km away from National Highway No.1. This route is an important blood vessel of the robust Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh economic triangle. It takes about 3 hours from Mong Cai ( 2 hours by boat) and 1 hour from Hai Phong.

Tuan Chau island’s name is the combination between ‘linh tuan’ (the patrolman) and ‘tri chau’ (district chief) because in the feudal time, the royal army set up a guard station here to patrol and defend the borderland. Prior to 1999, the island's residents suffered from a very modest living standard.There was no power network and no clean water. Roads were only trails and there was no mechanical means of transportation. Tuan Chau was a very poor town where fishing with very rudimentary tools is the only means of living.

The first project of great significance was to link Tuan Chau and the National Highway No18 by building a road. The work was officially started on February 28th, 1998. All company staff had to overcome numerous hardships to achieve this difficult task, which translated people’s dream into reality.

Tuan Chau has become well- known to both international and domestic tourists as an attractive destination

Off-Topic / Internal cleansing with panchakarma
« Last post by hozinn on July 25, 2014, 02:33:09 AM »
 Ayurveda is not just a healing system; it is much ahead of most medical fields. The mode of therapy for most diseases affecting man, discovered in the recent years, has been recorded thousands of years back by the forefathers of Ayurveda. Best panchakarma techniques are followed in most of the Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and this is a prelude to other stages in therapy when curing diseases. The science of Ayurveda believes in prevention rather than cure and the original literature on Ayurveda serves as a guide to achieve holistic approach to life and maintenance of health. The teachings believe that living a systematic life and eating the right foods is the right way to live and helps build an inner force field preventing diseases. Before beginning any treatment process this therapy is done to clear away all impurities that have accumulated in the system. This is done so that the body is ready to absorb the curative effects of the medicines which are prepared with accuracy and careful formulation.  The process of panchakarma treatment involves a set of five cleansing programmes and is a step by step process. This involves induced purgation with medicated enemas and herbal preparations, medicated oil massages, nasal administration of oils to clear the air passages and various other processes which can be called as a complete body internal cleansing process. The human body living in today’s modern living condition is subjected to various forms of body torture which is self-induced in the form of foods consumed, stress and lack of physical activity.
Latin America & Caribbean / Re: Aruba accommodations prices
« Last post by CuracaoRentalHomes on July 24, 2014, 06:22:16 AM »
Prices in Aruba are high. I would recommend going to Curacao. Is right next to Aruba and you can have a great vacation without spending too much money
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