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East & SouthEast Asia / Safety for cruise overnight tours in Halong bay
« Last post by summer123 on July 18, 2014, 07:39:19 PM »

With a beautiful destinations such as HaLong Bay, when participating in an overnight Halong Bay tour then surely you would not want to have any  unfortunate accident occurred. Please to follow cruise ship safety instructions.

After boarding, the very first and basic thing that any reliable and responsive crew member would do is giving passengers a tour around the ship help you become familiar with escape routes and emergency exits. Crew member should also show you where to get life jackets and how to secure them properly. Please pay your fullest attention to this valuable instruction in case of emergency. In emergency situations, you will easily recognize by the evacuation signal (the most international standardized is seven short horn blasts followed with one long horn blast).

Even when your boat has signs of sinking, please remain calm and follow instructions of the crew members to take lifebuoy or life jacket and head to rescue boat to escape safely from the cruise. Jumping into the sea is only suggested when there are no crew members around.

If an emergency arises, please keep calm and listen to important announcements such as instructions guiding you to the exits and evacuation lifeboats.

Leave your valuable items like necklaces, rings, accessories home or in a safe for security reason.

Watch out for strong wind while walking on decks, wear comfortable walking shoes with good traction, and never stay on the decks during a heavy rain or stormy weather.

Drink an acceptable amount. Although some luxury cruise ships offer high quality wines, drinking excessively can impair your judgment and lead you to unexpected incidents.

You can avoid catching illnesses and viruses by washing your hands frequently. It is also advisable to carry extra hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for better protection.

Although it is an interesting experience to cruise alone, try to form a group of 3 to 5 friends and families members so that you can take good care of each other.
East & SouthEast Asia / Overnight Cruise HaLong Bay For Honeymoon
« Last post by summer123 on July 18, 2014, 07:29:29 PM »

Halong Bay - a Natural Wonders of the World is choice no 1 for international tourists coming to Vietnam and also attractive option for the honeymoon. Sitting on a cruises on HaLong bay views over gentle, dreamy green with water in the morning and whispering mysterious scenery, calm night, is wonderful. Honeymoon on Starlight cruise of  2day or 3 day is the best way to celebrate your love in style.

Other forms overnight at the hotel, spend the night on the bay will give you a new feeling, by the open space, you feel like you are immersed in the vast nature, a sense of complete relax in your own room is spacious and designed fully equipped air-conditioning, private bathroom with jacuzzi .... When you open the window inhaling the cool breeze from the sea you will see the majestic mountain ranges, or the fish is swimming under water and more as the night visitors can enjoy stars at night.

In overnight tour on Halong Bay you can enjoy lots of activities to visit, explore Halong very interesting as kayaking, swimming, visiting the famous caves, visiting fishing villages, squid fishing....
East & SouthEast Asia / Discover Ha Long Bay
« Last post by summer123 on July 18, 2014, 07:22:38 PM »

Participate in an HaLong overnight tour to the relaxing moments and interesting discoveries on Ha Long Bay - 2 times recognized as a world natural heritage
Ha Long Bay is located in the northeastern part of Vietnam and constitutes part of the western bank of Bac Bo Gulf, including the sea area of Ha Long City and Cam Pha Town and part of Van Don island district

The islands in Ha Long Bay are mainly limestone and schist islands most lying in the two main areas: the southeastern part of Bái Tử Long Bay and southwestern part of Hạ Long Bay. These islands represent the most ancient images of a geographical site having a tectonic age of from 250 million to 280 million years. They are the result of many times of rising and lowering processes of the continent to form a karst. The process of nearly full erosion and weathering of the karst created the unique Hạ Long Bay in the world. In a not very large area, thousands of islands with different forms look like glittering emeralds attached to the blue scarf of a virgin. The area where many stone islands concentrate has spectacular scenes and world-famous caves and is the center of Ha Long Bay Natural Heritage, including HaLong Bay and a part of Bái Tu Long Bay.

Viewed from above, Hạ Long Bay looks like an extremely vivid huge drawing. This is a wonderful and skilful masterpiece of the Creation and of nature that turns thousands of dumb soulless stone islands into fantastic sculptural and artistic works of various graceful shapes, both familiar and strange to human beings. Thousands of islands emerging uneven in the fanciful waves look strong and magnificent but also mild and vivid. Amidst these islands we feel as if we were astray in a petrified legendary world. There are many names given to islands according to their shapes and forms. This one looks like somebody heading toward the shore: Hòn Ðầu Người (Human Head Island); that one looks like a dragon hovering above the sea surface: Hòn Rông (Dragon Island); another looks like an old man sitting fishing: Hòn Lã Vọng; some look like big sails struggling amidst the wind to set off for the sea: Hòn Cánh Buồm (Sail Island); then two islands look like a pair of chicken lovingly playing with each other above the sea: Hòn Trống Mái (Male and Female Chicken Island); and amid the vast sea stands an island like a big incense burner like a ritual offering to Heaven: Hòn Lư Hương (Incense Burner Island). All are so real that people are taken aback by them. Those stone islands have experienced unpredictable changes over time and they take different shapes from different angles of view. Here, we come to realize that they are not dumb inanimate things but are vivid and soulful.

Inside the stone islands are various breath-taking caves, such as Thiên Cung, Ðầu Gỗ, Sửng Sốt, Trinh Nữ, Tam Cung and others. These are really magnificent palaces of the Creation on earth. Long ago, Hạ Long Bay has been called by the great national poet Nguyễn Trãi:“a wonder of the earth erected towards the high sky”. Many men of letters from all over the world have been taken aback at the grandiose scenery of Hạ Long. They seem to get puzzled and incompetent as their treasure of vocabulary is not rich enough to depict the splendor of this place.

Ha Long Bay is also attached to glorious pages of Vietnamese history, with famous sites such as Van Ðon, a bustling trade port in the 12th century, charming Bai Tho Mountain, and not very far away from here is the Bạch Đằng River which witnessed two famous naval battles of the Viêt’s ancestors against invaders. Also, Ha Long is one of the cradles of human kind with the glorious Hạ Long culture in the late Neolithic age, discovered at such archeological sites as Ðong Mang, Xích Tho, Soi Nhu and Thoi Gieng.

Hạ Long is also home to great biodiversity with typical eco-systems like mangrove forest, coral and tropical forest. It is also home to thousands of plants and animals of numerous species, for example shrimp, fish and squid. Some species are particularly rare and can be found no where else.
Europe / Re: Tourism attraction in scotland , Fairy Pool
« Last post by disuja001 on July 18, 2014, 04:56:06 AM »

Fairy Pools are at the foot of Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle with beautiful crystal clear blue pools on the river Brittle.These pools make  some great wild swimming for those brave enough to enter the cold water.
Off-Topic / Medical tourism
« Last post by laasya on July 15, 2014, 10:44:06 PM »
 Ayurvedic treatments are common in God’s Own Country. There is an influx of tourists visiting the famous destination from various countries. Annually, tourists from most of the countries across the globe visit Kerala. Medical tourism is almost the accurate term derived for the tourists who visit Kerala for health issues. Dental tourism has also flourished in the land along with medical tourism. It was not a long period that transformed the land of coconuts to God’s Own Country. Ayurveda has increased popularity in Kerala, tourists from all parts of the globe visit the destination to sort out their health issues. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala, are available for all kinds of diseases. There are very unique procedures that are performed during the treatments. There are many Ayurveda centres located in Kerala, persons suffering from various diseases can seek relevant treatments. Kerala is among the top 10 tourist destinations in the world. It has an increasing popularity as a medical tourism destination. Medical tourism has an immense appeal among the tourists. Almost everyone is interested in improving their health while enjoying an exotic vacation. The thrill of the exotic holiday blends well with the appropriate health check. Adventure and sports give vent to health treatments. There are many interesting health and adventure packages that draw attention of many tourists waiting for such opportunity. There are many opportunities to pursue both health and tourism. There is influx of tourists to derive advantage of the opportunity.
Tour Packages / Re: Best 10 Tourist Places in India
« Last post by somyachate on July 15, 2014, 02:49:27 AM »
Corbett national park is one of the famous place in Uttarakhand that attract wildlife and adventure lovers. Winter brings out colours into this national park.
East & SouthEast Asia / Quan Lan Island
« Last post by summer123 on July 14, 2014, 08:40:30 PM »

This beach is found on Quan Lan Island in Bai Tu Long Bay, between the Minh Chau and Quan Lan communes of Van Don District, 55 km away from Ha Long City. Its pristine beauty exemplifies the unspoiled environment of the area. The white sand beach, which spans several kilometers, has strong waves backed by the deep blue sea
. Behind the beach is a stand of green wild pines, which further add to unique charm of this spot.

Quan Lan Island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay; part of an island range on the outside of the gulf of Bac Bo. It has an area of 11 sq. km, and features eight populated hamlets. Quan Lạn Island stretch toward East – West from the foot of Van Đon Range to the Got Mount with many high mountains to the east barring waves and winds, protect the villages. The island is situated on an important navigation route that connects China, Japan, Thailand and Philippines to Vietnam. Along two sides of the island are tens kilometers of sand beaches. This is the endless resource for glass making which the sea gives to man and it is also the extremely interesting tourism.

Since the 11th century, Quan Lan had been one of the centers of the ancient commercial port of Vân Ðon, which was animated and prosperous at the time. Today, there are still many vestiges linked to the ancient commercial port. This also explains why the island, lying deep in the sea, has the large pagodas and archaeological sites seen today. On the island there is the Quan Lan Communal House built in the 18th century; exceedingly beautiful and almost entirely preserved. Next to it is Quan Lạn Pagoda (Linh Quang Tự), which is dedicated to Buddha and God Lieu Hanh. The pagoda also worships the statue of old Hau, a local person who made lots of contributions to the construction of the pagoda. The statue features a gentle and cheerful old woman, which adds an original character to the pagoda. Beside Quan Lạn Pagoda lies Nghè Quan Lạn (Ðức Ông) Shrine, which is dedicated to Phạm Công Chính, a local people who participated in the historical Vân Ðồn battle against the Yuan invaders. He was later honored as a god. Quan Lan has many valuable sea products such as octopuses, butter-fish, mackerel, holothurian, shrimp, and Sai Sung.
East & SouthEast Asia / Starlight Cruises_Halong cruise
« Last post by summer123 on July 14, 2014, 08:21:21 PM »

What do you concern the most in your journeys, especially a cruise journey? You may answer “It’s safeness”. So let’s figure out how safe Starlight Cruise.

When building Starlight Cruise, the significant thing that the Board of Director concerning about was indeed the safeness onboard. The show-up of Starlight Cruise is not a coincidence. Starlight is now the safest cruise and has the most modern fire alarm.

The latest fire alarm in Japanese technology allows to avoid fake alerts in under-dangerous cases.The fire alarm works based on smock level in cabins. If you put a lighted cigarette in front of the "eager eye" of the alarm, it won't strike; the alert light will be sparkling only. When there is an adequate smoke level that may cause danger, the alarm will immediately strike throughout the whole boat, in every single space, in restaurant, in cabins, on top deck. This premier fire alarm can distinguish the genuine and fake alerts; ensure relaxing time of guests on board.

Regarding water alarm, Starlight is the first cruise on Halong built with double bottoms and double sides as well as divided into 5 separate sections with separate alarm for each one. The alarm will send alert signal directly to reception lounge for quickest actions.

“Our motto is bringing complete relax to clients, so the safeness must be complete as well.”
East & SouthEast Asia / Meals on Starlight Cruise
« Last post by summer123 on July 14, 2014, 08:09:46 PM »

At Starlight Cruise, meals are always ensured at the best quality from choosing the freshest ingredients, to cooking and decorating to be attractive and eye-catching. We believe meals are the most relaxing and exciting time for guests to enjoy warm atmosphere onboard and watch magnificent view of Halong Bay.

Meals on Starlight Cruise are cooked by experienced Chef, who has been working on Halong Cruises for years and deeply understand the needs and wish of guests on each journey. Each dish onboard is the perfect harmony of sophisticate Vietnamese traditional cuisine and various Western flavors.

Food onboard is always one of the strongest points on cruises of Oriental Sails Company. With Starlight Cruise, we are proud to offer time for guests to enjoy the most sophisticated cuisine!
East & SouthEast Asia / Great Starlight Cruise - Halong Bay - Great Captain!
« Last post by summer123 on July 14, 2014, 08:06:54 PM »

On such these rainy and cold days, we would like to mention the people quietly working daily on Starlight Cruise. Amid the bay with weather difficulty, Starlight Cruises Team is still always enthusiastic and passionate. Shall we look at a nice example - Captain Nguyen Trung Dung - who leads the Starlight Cruise on amazing journeys!

Born in 1976 in An Lao, Hai Phong and settling down in Bai Chay, Quang Ninh province, Captain Nguyen Trung Dung is well-known among Halong tourism for his experience and great passion with cruises.

After having graduated as a basic mechanic, Dung worked for Sao Mai - a local cruise company. During 5 years in Sao Mai Company, he not only was a skillful mechanic but also got to know about driving boat and enlisted a course to be captain. With his big dream of being a captain, driving boats to take travelers to beautiful sites on Halong Bay, Dung had tried his best to practice to be a captain for 5 years, while maintaining his mechanic job to earn his life.

His dream of Captain came true in 2004, when he drove his first boat for Hai Phong Company. As he found his endless passion in travel cruises and bringing happiness to travelers from over the world, he has devoted his experience and attempt to Hai Phong Company in the past and Oriental Sails now for over 11 years.

When Starlight Cruise was started to be build, Captain Dung did put his belief and passion on it as his brainchild. The passionate Captain even stopped all current work to focus on working with shipbuilding workers. He was the one who placed the very first iron plates to build the majestic cruise today. Overcoming a lot of difficulties, after over 1 year, he along with the concrete team of sailors and workers finally finished their big duty and the newest luxury cruise of Oriental Sails Company, the safest cruise on Halong Bay was born with 32 spacious cabins in elegant designed. Sharing his feelings after the brainchild was finished; Captain Dung said he was very proud and happy to work on Starlight Cruise. From the beginning as a captain of wooden boats with 12 people, he is now the Captain of a modern boat with 40 people. He would like to devote more and more for Oriental Sails Company and stick his career in driving one of the biggest cruises on Halong Bay.
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